With one look into your eyes
You cannot disguise
Your zest for life
As man and wife


- Michael Varma, DTM



You are blessed from above
With devotion and love
I have a good notion
To second His motion
We bid you good cheers
Partners in love for many more years

~ Michael Varma, DTM



Tenderly we joke and tease
Candles blown out with a wheeze
Sharing in your birthday feast
We wish you 50* more - at least!

~ Michael Varma, DTM
* Substitute with 20, 30, 40, etc.



We celebrate your birth
The day you came to earth
I'm sure you've been told
Your friendship is gold
Complete with love and mirth

~ Michael Varma, DTM



Thoughts of love
Should be spoken
Bonds of friendship
Never be broken


~ Michael Varma, DTM



You are unique
Morals sublime
Character rich
One of a kind
~ Michael Varma, DTM



I've been asked by our gracious host
To raise my glass and offer a toast
Travel from North, South, West or East
We partake in this bountiful feast
Whether surrounded by family or friend
We thank the Lord and say Amen


~ Michael Varma, DTM



For this plate of food
We thank the Holy Dude


~ Michael Varma, DTM

New Year


Every year it comes around
Resolutions can be found
Have a vision, have a dream
It's easier than it seems
Avoid the worry, avoid the fear
Time to get yourself in gear


~ Michael Varma, DTM



Here's to your health this New Year's night
Wishing your future is wealthy and bright


~ Michael Varma, DTM



Your marriage makes a perfect start
For every life is a work of art
Paint a picture filled with bliss
Treasured in your lover's kiss
Wedding vows are truly strong
May yours last forever long


~ Michael Varma, DTM



There once was a groom and bride
Their parents were bursting with pride
Twas a beautiful sight
We witnessed tonight
Their love they could not hide


~ Michael Varma, DTM

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