101 Balloon Animals


This book is full of hot air and bold humor. In 101 Balloon Animals, these colorfully twisted characters finally have their say and it’s a gas.

101 Amateur Magicians


Prepare to smile, smirk and laugh at this collection of classic “Is this your card?” revelations in Michael Varma’s latest cartoon book, 101 Amateur Magicians.

101 Used Catheters


Laughter continues to be one of the best medicines—especially when you're fitted with your very own catheter. Your discomfort and anxiety will begin to subside when you use gallows humor as a healing and coping mechanism to release positive emotions.

101 Used Walkers


“We don’t need no stinkin’ walkers” is the battle cry of many aging rebels, a generation of senior folks who are quick to tell young whippersnappers just exactly what they can do with these glorified training wheels.

101 Therapy Sessions


Coming Soon!

101 Prescriptions


Coming Soon!

Disney Divas Fight Cancer


In honor of strong women everywhere (and Breast Cancer Awareness Month) Disney Divas Fight Cancer