World War Flea - a new fast and fun card game.
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Our ultimate goal is to give you an awesome game and deliver it on time. We are following in the footsteps of our successful Kickstarter friends:

- Exploding Kittens 

- Bears vs Babies 
- BeanBagglz 
- SuperKind
We plan to use the same great folks at Ad Magic to print the card game and the incredible team at Blackbox to get it over to you once it's printed.
In the event Ad Magic and Blackbox are overrun by an army of evil fleas, we have two back-up printer and fulfillment companies waiting in kennels.
Our largest challenges concern the pet photos. The pictures must be 1) of good quality and 2) received in a timely manner to meet our printing deadlines. But never fear--we've got your back. 

We're dedicated to working with early pledgers to ensure that your pets will shine and be the stars of World War Flea.


 World War Flea - Kickstarter




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