Daniel Rex, Executive Director of Toastmasters International, presents Michael Varma his Distinguished Toastmaster Award

Daniel Rex, Executive Director of Toastmasters International, presents Michael Varma his 
Distinguished Toastmaster Award. 

You ask. I deliver.

Yes, you may download and use copies of my workshop handouts, presentations and other user-friendly Toastmasters resources posted on this free web page.

I request that you please notify me of any use of my materials and credit the contributions.

Michael Varma - Presents The Laughter Factor 

Michael Varma, DTM, presents two encore Laughter Factor workshops at Chapman University and Rio Hondo College. All classes were standing-room-only.


Laughter Factor: Learn how and when to add humor to your next presentation - includes the Triangle of Timing, the 3 Ps of effective joke telling, the Rule of Three and a Humor File Starter Sheet. 

Laughter Factor Handout 
(PDF 465kb)

Santa Ana Proclamation 2009

Ede Ferarri-D'Angelo, LGET, Dan Cossack, Div A Gov, Miguel Pulido, Mayor of Santa Ana, Maira Pineda, DG, Sal Tinajero, Council Member of Santa Ana, and Michael Varma, PRO - Proclaims October as Toastmasters Month

Proclamations 101: How to request, present and publicize a proclamation.
Proclamation Request
(Word 87kb)

Proclamation Presentation
(PDF 76kb)

Proclamation News Releas
(Word 96kb)
Anatomy of a News Release

(Word 77kb)


Michael Varma receives National Care Award

Sheila Matthews, Director of PRxO Generics, presents Michael Varma the 2011 National Constant Care Award for outstanding service to internal and external customers.


Communication for fun and profit: 

Accomplish More in Less Time 
(PDF 147kb)

Beneficial Career Skills.pdf 
(PDF 100kb)

Value of Toastmasters 
(PDF 151kb)


Captain Sunny Toasting

Captain Sunny offers a tasteful and humorous wedding anniversary toast to the happy couple.


Toasting Tips from Toastmasters:

Good Speech Introduction 
(PDF 452kb)

Tips on Toasting Well 
(PDF 417kb)

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