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You want to say a few words at the wedding, but you’re stuck on what to say. Fortunately there is a simple recipe to follow to help guide you through the process to write a touching toast in 10 minutes or less.

Start by introducing yourself by name and how you know the bride and or groom. Never assume everyone knows who you are – there will be extended family members, signficiant others and a whole host of friends that will benefit from this relation information. For example, “Good evening, my name is Michael Varma and I’ve been Jeff’s golfing buddy for the last 12 years.”

Describe one to three observations you’ve made while the couple was dating, Yes, this is the sincere touching part. Before and after comparisons frequently are well received (see #1 below). Choose from the top ten prompters and examples listed below – replace he/she with the bride or groom’s name.

1.    Before he/she met you, he/she ___________. Now he/she ___________.       Before Michael met Barbara, he didn’t have a clue about Angel’s baseball, but now he knows Don Sutton was her favorite pitcher, all the current baseball stats, and even has purchased season tickets.

2.     I knew he/she was in love when ____________.I knew Barbara was in love when she baked him an apple pie…from scratch.

3.    When he/she met at __________, I knew __________.When Michael met Barbara at the Magic Castle, and that’s all he talked about for the next three days, I knew he was marrige bound.

4.     Because of you, he/she sees the world __________.Because of Michael, Barbara sees the world as a bountiful playground.

5.     You are such a part of him/her that when you're gone he/she __________.Barbara, you are such a part of Michael that when you’re gone he becomes homesick.

6.     He/She looks forward to laughing and __________ as you __________.Michael looks forward to laughing and Jazzercising as they dance down Main Street USA at Disneyland.

7.     I watched him/her ________, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.I watched Michael and Barbara caretake their parents, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

8.     When you ____________, he/she saw you for the _____________ person you are.Michael, when you took Barbara’s cat to the vet, even though you were allergic to fur and sneezed for three straight days, Barbara saw you for the gentle and caring person you are.

9.     He/She shares ___________, so together you can ___________.Michael shares his popcorn at the movies with Barbara, so he can have an excuse to touch her hands.

10.  Your ___________ has shown him/her how to be___________.Barbara’s generosity has shown Michael how to be more giving.

You can customize the middle a bit more by expounding – just a tad – and provide a few relevant and humorous details.

To conclude, raise your glass and offer a brief blessing (aka Tasteful Toasts). It can be as simple as “Cheers” to “To a long happy and healthy marriage” to my personal favorite:

Your marriage makes a perfect start
For every life is a work of art
Paint a picture filled with bliss
Treasured in your lover's kiss
Wedding vows are truly strong
May yours last forever long

Your turn: What additional prompters can you share?

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