Leadership and Communication Expo Chair Bob Dietrich (left) with Facebook expert Michael Varma are all smiles at the sold-out Leadership and Communication Expo in San Diego, Calif.After teaching a workshop at the sold-out Leadership and Communication Expo in San Diego, Calif., I had an epiphany. You can use the same five Facebook posting techniques to keep yourself energized about your New Year’s resolutions. My session, Facebook for Fun and Profit, listed five ways to engage website viewers to click-and-order or visit your brick-and-mortar place of business.


Here is an excerpt from the workshop that I’m providing you for free:


Posting relevant and compelling content on Facebook maintains your current fans and encourages others to “Like” you. An immediate connection can be made with your audience through a photo with happy smiling people and a simple succinct sentence about the image. Facebook is all about F.A.C.E.S., which is a good acronym for remembering what types of pictures to post (page five of the handout - PDF 876 kb).


What Engages Viewers?Fun.

A picture of people having fun is the number one motivator. You’ll hear, “That looks like fun. I want to do that, too.” Find a picture or create a vision board of people succeeding in a similar project.


[Fun photo: my dad and sister offering a tasteful toast at my 10th wedding anniversary party.]



Actions are stronger than words – cliché but it elicits powerful memories to move you to act. Watch video clips of people achieving your target goal


[Action photo: my friends and the second couple I married as a wedding officiant.]



A person with strong character can alter the ambience of an event. Surround yourself with positive people who affect your mood (lift you up without dragging them down).


[Character photo: my wife’s cousin, Tom, goes by the nickname “Bubba” – enough said.]



Photos that elicit emotions enter your head and heart. You’ll become an unstoppable force and reach your goal when encouraged by a favorite photograph of a loved one or cherished event.


[Emotion photo: the first couple I married were head-over-heels in love – see The Magical Minister – Bubba is groom’s father.]



Winners inspire success in others. “I want that” and “I can do that” quickly transforms into “I believe it,” and “I will achieve it.”


[Success photo: Daniel Rex, the Executive Director of Toastmasters International presenting the Distinguished Toastmaster award to Michael Varma.]


Choose one or all five ways to follow through in February and I’ll see you in the winner’s circle.


Your turn: What part of F.A.C.E.S. most motivates you to action?


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